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Hey, I’m Lexi! I’m a fitness lover, traveler of over 5 continents and participant of numerous adventure sports across the globe – All while studying & working full-time around the globe  Now, I want to help you learn to do the same.

I want to show you how limitless you really are!


The Ultimate Day Trips of Dubai: Part 1

A two-part series on Wonderful, Affordable, Adventure-Filled Day Trips in the Fastest Growing and Most Expensive City in the Middle East, Dubai.  So I've been in the UAE for about 4 months now. With only 1 day off a week (thanks, JOB), I've had to be very selective on...
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That Time I Did My First Tough Mudder

Interested in Your First Adventure Race? Know what to Expect from my Experience as a First-Timing Tough Mudder  As I'm getting ready to take on my first Spartan Race this weekend in Abu Dhabi, and I start to feel the excitement and anxiety build up, my stomach is...
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Finding the right excursion ~ Mt Kilimanjaro

  There are plenty of trips out there that you can do solo, but hiking to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro is likely not going to be one of them. This will be the first time I’ve done an organized tour since 2011. As my expedition buddy, Naomi, and I  looked for tour...
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Snowboard in a Dubai Wonderland

3 months ago, I packed my bags and boarded a plane to take me away from the Green Hillsides of Virginia to the flat desert sands of  Dubai. I didn't have very many regrets leaving for this Desert Adventure but there was one thought that slowly crept up as I realized...
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Planning an Expedition – Mt. Kilimanjaro

Follow my blog with Bloglovin This week marks a super important stepping stone for my goals into 2017: I’ve officially booked my grand excursion to Mt. Kilimanjaro! Though my wallet is licking its wounds from the trip deposit, I’m letting it sulk while I give a...
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Explore with me...

Discover The Appalachian Trail

Before I left for my temporary relocation to the United Arab Emirates, I really wanted to take in one of the most illustrious locations of the East Coast: The Appalachian Trail.

The trail crosses over 2200 miles of forest, farmland, National Park and countryside reaching from the Southern Heartland of Georgia all the way to the uninhabited Wilderness in Western Maine.



Tested And Trusted By a Fellow Adventure Freak

Looking for some new equipment before that next big excursion? Want some inspiration for your next escape from the daily grind? Check out the KinesiOdyssey Shop for all the things I love and trust from my adventures. The things I wouldn’t leave home without.


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