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What’s up? I’m Lexi! I’m a soon-to-be military vet, aspiring travel journalist, Dog Mom, and fitness+adrenlaine junkie. I’ve gone SCUBA diving in Iceland, run a Tough Mudder in Dubai, climb Kilimanjaro this summer, and traveled 26 other countries. All while having a full-time job!

But in Summer 2018, I go ‘nomad’ to travel the world with my dog, my Jeep and my backpack for an entire year.






Explore with me...

Discover The Appalachian Trail

Before I left for my temporary relocation to the United Arab Emirates, I really wanted to take in one of the most illustrious locations of the East Coast: The Appalachian Trail.

The trail crosses over 2200 miles of forest, farmland, National Park and countryside reaching from the Southern Heartland of Georgia all the way to the uninhabited Wilderness in Western Maine.


Tested And Trusted By a Fellow Adventure Freak

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