This is For You

The 9 to 5 clock punchers who are “in no position” to leave their job, family, and life support to go on an expedition to hike the Pacific Crest Trail.

The college graduates who are ready to explore the world, but not sure how to afford it.

The High school Seniors that’s trying to escape their Smalltown, USA, whose never had the abilities to learn how to Kayak, or snowboard, or… but you don’t know how you could possibly learn.

The 45 and unders  looking to get out of your applicable “rut” and just go out and DO something…



 KinesiOdyssey is Here to Help

This isn’t about quitting your normal life to go vagabond the world (though who wouldn’t love to?!). That’s just not plausible for most of us. On this site, I’m going to show WHAT you can do, HOW you can do it, and WHY it’s 100% worth it to just stop making excuses.

Plain & simple advice…

…Guided by inspiration…

… To drive you crazy enough to get tired of reading and finally just go…

Make a move. Explore your limits.

KinesiOdyssey – Chase your Adventure



What is KinesiOdyssey?

KinesiOdyssey: (noun)\kə-ˌnē-sē-ˈä-də-sē\ the study of the principles and mechanics of human movement to and through a long journey full of adventures; Kinesiology & Odyssey, together.

Yes, I totally made that up, but it’s completely true! Hell, I believe it! For the rest of you, here’s the brusque  explanation…

The Real Human Translation:  YOU CHASING YOUR ADVENTURE.

It is as simple as that. And I’m here to help in any way I can. You just have to read, or ask!



“So Who are You, Anyway?”

True point! Let me tell you who I am and what I know….


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